Abstract, Atmospheric, Contemporary.

Elli Popp was founded in London in 2007 by German born independent designer Katja Behre. Influenced by nature, Elli Popp offers nostalgic relief through elegant yet contemporary motifs within our ever-urbanising modern worlds. Used for both commercial and domestic design, each collection is unique, creating wonderfully abstract and atmospheric scenes to transform your visual space.

Elli Popp’s designer Katja Behre has received training in colour psychology for over 4 years, exploring messages, moods and feelings associated with certain hues. The unique approach by Elli Popp creates a personal connection between the designer, the user and the environments. Allowing the imaginative and innovative designs to become a leading influence in Wallpaper, mural and lifestyle design.

Colour can have a profound impact on productivity by encouraging positive emotions in employees. Natural toned colours such as green and blue hues can improve efficiency and focus, while warm yellows can trigger optimism, creativity and fresh energy. Ellie Popp’s in-depth knowledge of colour psychology has a huge influence on her designs and the context in which they are in.

Here at Chameleon we offer a fully customisable service, with the ability to create bespoke and fully unique Elli Popp designs to suit your brief.


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