Designer of the Month: Elli Popp

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Abstract, Atmospheric, Contemporary.

Elli Popp was founded in London in 2007 by German born independent designer Katja Behre. Influenced by nature, Elli Popp offers nostalgic relief through elegant yet contemporary motifs within our ever-urbanising modern worlds. Used for both commercial and domestic design, each collection is unique, creating wonderfully abstract and atmospheric scenes to transform your visual space.

Elli Popp’s designer Katja Behre has received training in colour psychology for over 4 years, exploring messages, moods and feelings associated with certain hues. The unique approach by Elli Popp creates a personal connection between the designer, the user and the environments. Allowing the imaginative and innovative designs to become a leading influence in Wallpaper, mural and lifestyle design.

Colour can have a profound impact on productivity by encouraging positive emotions in employees. Natural toned colours such as green and blue hues can improve efficiency and focus, while warm yellows can trigger optimism, creativity and fresh energy. Ellie Popp’s in-depth knowledge of colour psychology has a huge influence on her designs and the context in which they are in.

Here at Chameleon we offer a fully customisable service, with the ability to create bespoke and fully unique Elli Popp designs to suit your brief.


Get in touch today to see how we can help transform your organisation.

Innovative Finance Packages for Office Improvements

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No requirement for capital outlay and tax efficient financing means that all businesses can benefit from an amazing workspace environment.

Founded in 1998 Chameleon Business Interiors have been upgrading and improving offices workspaces for a little over 17 years. With offices in Hull, Leeds, York and Birmingham, Chameleon have a UK wide reach. Chameleon’s measured approach to interior design and fit-out means they work with you to provide a fantastic new working environment, whilst providing a return on your investment.

Chameleon believe that good interior design provides a real return on investment, by improving team productivity, client relations and making best use of space.

Shaun Watts, Chairman of Chameleon comments: “Investing in good office space design, shows commitment to your team, it helps retain and attract the best people and the office becomes a more enjoyable place to be a part of. Clients like it too, a well-designed office is a sign of success and it instantly improves brand perception. Our clients often comment that their new office environment has helped them win more business”

Chameleon offer finance packages in order to fund relocations and office improvements. Financing offers a number of key advantages:

–          Monthly payments can be planned as part of revenue expenditure, together with rent

–          Finance payments covers all costs including furniture, fit-out and design

–          No deposit, helps manage cash flow

–          Preserves borrowing power

–          Payments are tax allowable, which means they can be offset against profits

–          Tax benefits, unlike cash finance unlocks 100% tax relief on both capital and interest

–          VAT is paid in instalments, rather than in a lump sum up front

Upgrading your office space is not something that companies do very often. Chameleon often work with clients who are managing their very first office improvement project, so Chameleon have developed a set of free office relocation and improvement guides that you can download fromtheir website.

Air conditioning experts, Airco recently relocated their head office into more suitable premises for a growing company. The finance options offered by Chameleon provided the funding flexibility and added tax benefits required with such a big investment.

Neil Fisher, Managing Director of Airco said “Having worked with Chameleon on many joint projects we had confidence that their team could deliver the quality we required within our agreed budget, to provide a head office of which we are proud…  The finance package proposed by Chameleon meant a prompt start on site, was tax efficient and allowed for effective future finance planning.”

You can see how the new Airco building took shape over a number of weeks with their project time-lapse video.

Chameleon are offering a number of free initial consultations running up to the New Year.

“Many of our clients are starting projects in the next few weeks ready for a New Year grand opening. We are offering our consultative services now so new client’s start their office improvement programme fully prepared and with their best foot forward”. Shaun Watts.

You can learn more about office improvement services by visiting Chameleon’s Websiteor calling your local office.

Hull: 01482 221004

Leeds: 0113 827 2235

York: 01904 898902

Birmingham: 0121 2624078

Back to News Chameleon Birmingham Office Carried out High Profile Project with Northern Power Grid

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Chameleon Birmingham office have just carried out a high profile project with Northern Powergrid in Drury Lane London for the Executive Suites of a new corporate building.

Northern Powergrid decided to re-locate a number of head office senior functions into a space acquired on the third floor of 55-Drury Lane, London. Working to a tight deadline, Chameleon Business Interiors team visited site and discussed the client’s requirements. Utilizing their many years of experience in office environments, in liaison with the client’s project manager, a furniture specification was put together for executive areas and space plans. Image Boards were provided to help the client select the furniture solution required.

Chameleon Business Interiors announce high profile clients in Birmingham office

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Founded in 1998, Chameleon Business Interiors are specialists in office refurbishments and fit-outs, providing a complete range of interior design & contracting solutions for commercial interiors. This includes space planning, workplace analysis, office refurbishment, furniture supply and installation.

Having established an enviable client list with 5 Royal openings to our credit, Chameleon Business Interiors has enjoyed sustained and affordable growth, reinvesting in the business and our people at every opportunity.

Chameleon’s Birmingham office are delighted to announce a number of new high profile projects and clients in the Midlands. Projects are underway with transport solution experts Rotala PLC for a new HQ office in the Birmingham area. Being one of the largest operators in the area, Rotala are looking to firmly put themselves on the map with this outstanding new office.

Chameleon also have another project underway to create a new headquarters for worldwide rail consultancy provider AM Signalling. The innovative office will be a base for their engineers and expert designers and will help them to build a better rail infrastructure in the UK.

Further new clients include an office fit out for well-known environmental service giants Veolia. As well as works for the UK’s leading regeneration specialists St. Modwen and European office experts Orega.

You can learn more about office improvement services and view completed projects by visiting Chameleon’s Website or calling your local office.


Hull: 01482 221004

Leeds: 0113 827 2235

York: 01904 898902

Birmingham: 0121 2624078

£15 million Investment in the Digital Sector

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Driving Business innovation.

Founded in 1998 Chameleon Business Interiors have been upgrading and improving offices workspaces for a little over 17 years. With offices in Hull, Leeds, York and Birmingham Chameleon, have a UK wide reach. However their latest successful project takes them much closer to home.

“For months now we have been able to see the latest addition to Hull take shape, helping transform the visual and digital landscape of Hull.” Shaun Watts, Chairman of Chameleon”.

The Chameleon head office occupies the top floor of 2 Humber Quays, a modern and striking office complex in the picturesque setting of Hull’s historic Marina. It just so happens that Shaun’s view from his office is the newly completed digital hub for Hull. C4DI or Centre for Digital Innovation, is helping the local economy to improve its digital offering, as according to a report by Capgemini carried out over a period of two years,  digital savvy business are 26% more profitable. C4DI is working with more traditional local business, helping them innovate and grow, through using technology effectively.

“We worked alongside the developers fitting out the office interiors based on designs and 3d visualisations which our design team created at the start of the project. It has been quite a journey and it has been amazing to literally see the day to day development of such an important local project from my own office.” Shaun Watts.

Jon Moss, Co-founder of C4DI talks about the importance of a well-designed interior. “What we offer at C4DI is the future of digital in Hull and the local economy. We required a space that suited our forward thinking brand and we needed the flexibility from a building that supports a wide range of organisations, businesses and individuals”

You can learn more about office improvement services and view the completed C4DI fit-out by visiting Chameleon’s Website or calling your local office.

Hull: 01482 221004

Leeds: 0113 827 2235

York: 01904 898902

Birmingham: 0121 2624078

Times Are Changing But One Fact Remains The Same, Our Love Of The Desk

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To help understand ‘how we work’, one of our top furniture suppliers Senator surveyed 2,000 UK employees that work in an office environment.

The answers proved insightful, some popular perceptions were confirmed by the findings but there were others challenged by the new influences shaping the modern office environment.

One thing remained constant throughout the survey: our love of the desk.

It’s clear to see that over the past decade, office trends have moved ever further from the standard desk environment. Consensus suggests that the cubicle is very much dead now that hot desking, mobile working and standing desks have become widely accepted by businesses.

What does coincide with current trends within the office marketplace is that even though the majority (81 per cent) of the population would prefer to be sat at a desk when carrying out intense tasks like writing, the research found that 41 per cent of those would prefer the option to change their working height.

This could revolutionise the way many businesses design their workplace and could be an ideal change in attitude for businesses looking to campaign against a sedentary lifestyle.

Funiture by Senator Is Keeping Up With Office Needs

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Over the past decade, businesses have been awakened to the benefits associated with collaborative, adaptable working environments and the need to integrate modern communications.

The Ad-Lib Work Lounge was designed by PearsonLloyd and developed in collaboration with The Senator Group’s development team, as a solution to the changing working environment.

Ad-Lib Work Lounge has been developed as a unique solution to enable movement, flexibility and teamwork, breaking away from the static environments of traditional work settings.

Described as a ‘mobile soft seat’, it is designed for collaborative work settings, enabling the user to move location easily, making it perfect for breakout sessions or teamwork settings when a cluster configuration is desired.

Mobility is delivered through the chair’s unique structure – a tubular steel frame is wrapped in an upholstered sock, reducing the need for traditional framing or upholstery and providing the user with a feeling of the chair moulding to their body. Work Lounge also sits on a 360 degree swivel aluminium base and has options of castors or glides.

When sitting for extended periods, during a presentation for example, it is possible for the user to relax and enjoy the chair’s fully upholstered lounge style and height adjustable head rest, thus aiding concentration and comfort.

Ad-Lib Scholar by Senator is the latest addition to the Ad-Lib family of multi-purpose seating and tables. Designed by award winning designers PearsonLloyd and developed in collaboration with our in house development team, Ad-Lib Scholar provides a clever solution to the changing needs of the education and training sectors.

Ramsden International Go For Height Adjustable Desks

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Ramsden’s have gone for a very high specification on the ground floor with veneer surfaces and an impressive boardroom, a lot of though and work has gone into the design and look of the overall project incorporating their journey as a company, they were very keen to keep their company policies at the forefront of their mind and even integrated those policies into the decoration to keep staff motivated and to let visitors know what their mission statement is.

Height adjustable desks have been rolled out for every member of staff, the first in the area to implement this new way of agile working. Allowing each member of staff to sit and stand at their leisure promoting health throughout the workforce. Even down to the operator chairs that have height adjustable arms and seat depth adjustment options to cater for all sizes to be able to adapt their chair to what is comfortable to them. Their corporate colours are used in the paintwork and fabrics,

Their canteen area has been considerable thought about in the design stage to provide different breakout areas, high dining low dining and soft seating. Also throughout the ground floor and first floor they have high back soft seating providing an alternate workplace for staff that has acoustic benefits. Large TVs have been implemented throughout to provide staff with updates and entertainment when they see fit.

Throughout the project the staff have been heavily involved in the decision process – we attended to demonstrate the height adjustable table and two options of operator chair and a vote was had to decide which one would be rolled out.

How does workspace design impact the way we work?

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There’s no denying that the layout, design and feel of a workspace can influence the way a business works. That’s why we, at Chameleon Business Interiors, create offices that inspire creative ideas and yield optimum productivity.

There’s a number of different factors of workplace design to consider when attempting to maximise workers’ happiness – here’s 4 to start with.

One size doesn’t fit all

According to a recent YouGov poll, 53% of workers believe they would be able to increase their productivity if they were to attain their dream office environment.

Not everyone’s idea of the perfect workspace is the same, and even one individual’s preferences could change depending on their current task.

Boost workers’ innovation by providing access to a range of spaces to support differing working styles. From individual offices, to groups of desks and softer, lounge-inspired areas, variety in work stations is the key.

Break down barriers

In a world where we’re more connected than ever digitally, real-life communication can sometimes suffer – even though it’s a fundamental part of successful businesses.

Effective collaboration and communication between employees can reduce employee turnover, minimise workplace failures and improve office morale.

To progress conversation and teamwork in the workplace – as well as encouraging agile working, break down barriers by removing old-fashioned partitions and creating more of a modern, open-plan design.

A little greener

Incorporating a bit of greenery into the office not only looks good, but bringing nature into the workplace can also positively impact workers’ mental and physical health.

Numerous scientific studies show that indoor plants can help to reduce stress, increase productivity, decrease absence rates and boost creativity.

Whether you want to make a statement by adding an Enviro-Wall to the office, or simply place a couple of succulents here and there, we can help you freshen up your space and make things a little greener.

Personality and brand

Office design is about understanding a business and creating an office that will suit the strategic and operational requirements of workers.

That means it’s got to be on-brand, representative of the values and intentions of you and your company – both of which, once again, impact on the success of a business.

Clever use of colour can be great for brand representation, an opportunity to showcase what is unique about your company, as well as potentially positively impacting on mental wellbeing.

How we can help

At Chameleon Business Interiors, we always begin with asking the right questions and listening carefully to gain insights into your values, vision, behaviours, and business needs.

This process allows us to make optimal use of space, light, materials and services, and provide you with workplace design solutions to fully support and enhance your culture.

Get in touch at to find out what we can do for you.

Introducing Harry Gamble

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In early July, Harry started working with us at Chameleon as a Trainee Project Manager after the role was advertised through his Sixth Form College. Harry has settled in really well since he started and he is already making huge progress.

“In the short time Harry has been with us he has successfully proved himself an asset to the team. Harry has a brilliant work ethic and I look forward to helping him build his career throughout years to come.”

Nigel Foster, Head of Projects

“I feel I fit in really well within the team here at Chameleon, everyone has been very welcoming and I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. I see great opportunity with my new job role and I know I will be able to grow my career at the company. Not only is Chameleon training me in-house, but they are also supporting me within my degree in Construction Management to further my knowledge and education.

Chameleon’s investment in me and my future position within the company makes me feel like a highly valued member of the team. It is an opportunity I am incredibly grateful for as they have given me the ability to learn what is required to be a well-skilled Project Manager. I very much look forward to what the future holds within this industry as well as here at Chameleon as we continue to expand every day.”

Harry Gamble, Trainee Project Manager

We wish Harry the best of luck with his education and hope he will continue to enjoy his time with us. We look forward to working alongside him for many years to come and ensure a bright future for Chameleon Business Interiors!