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How does workspace design impact the way we work?

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There’s no denying that the layout, design and feel of a workspace can influence the way a business works. That’s why we, at Chameleon Business Interiors, create offices that inspire creative ideas and yield optimum productivity by motivating employees.

There’s a number of different factors of workplace design to consider when attempting to maximise workers’ happiness – here’s 4 to start with.

One size doesn’t fit all

According to a recent YouGov poll, 53% of workers believe they would be able to increase their productivity if they were to attain their dream office environment.

Not everyone’s idea of the perfect workspace is the same, and even one individual’s preferences could change depending on their current task.

Boost workers’ innovation by providing access to a range of spaces to support differing working styles. From individual offices, to groups of desks and softer, lounge-inspired areas, variety in work stations is the key.

Break down barriers

In a world where we’re more connected than ever digitally, real-life communication can sometimes suffer – even though it’s a fundamental part of successful businesses.

Effective collaboration and communication between employees can reduce employee turnover, minimise workplace failures and improve office morale.

To progress conversation and teamwork in the workplace – as well as encouraging agile working, break down barriers by removing old-fashioned partitions and creating more of a modern, open-plan design.

A little greener

Incorporating a bit of greenery into the office not only looks good, but bringing nature into the workplace can also positively impact workers’ mental and physical health.

Numerous scientific studies show that indoor plants can help to reduce stress, increase productivity, decrease absence rates and boost creativity.

Whether you want to make a statement by adding an Enviro-Wall to the office, or simply place a couple of succulents here and there, we can help you freshen up your space and make things a little greener.

Personality and brand

Office design is about understanding a business and creating an office that will suit the strategic and operational requirements of workers.

That means it’s got to be on-brand, representative of the values and intentions of you and your company – both of which, once again, impact on the success of a business.

Clever use of colour can be great for brand representation, an opportunity to showcase what is unique about your company, as well as potentially positively impacting on mental wellbeing.

How we can help

At Chameleon Business Interiors, we always begin with asking the right questions and listening carefully to gain insights into your values, vision, behaviours, and business needs.

This process allows us to make optimal use of space, light, materials and services, and provide you with office design to increase employee motivation and performance.

Get in touch at to find out what we can do for you.

How office design can improve mental health

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Mental health is becoming a concern for employers across the UK, and nearly a third of UK businesses state that mental health and well-being is more important than physical illness. By creating opportunities for breaks or developing more open-plan spaces, employers can positively impact the lives of people working for them.

Why is mental health important?

Your employees’ mental wellbeing matters. Not only does it have an impact on their ability to work productively, but looking after employees is part of a business’ role in society.

Mental health is continuously talked about throughout the country, however, there is still a stigma associated suffering. As a society, we must do everything we can to help those in need. Evaluating the way we work and trying to understand how it affects employees is part of that process.

What are businesses getting wrong?

Interior design and layout can have both a positive and negative impact on mental health. Have you ever thought about how your office could be affecting staff morale and mental wellbeing?

A noisy work environment caused by poor acoustics can be distracting for workers, and those exposed to excessive noise for long periods of time are more likely to show symptoms of stress. In the long term, this stress can lead to issues such as depression and anxiety.

Cluttered, closed off or confined work areas mean employees lack personal space, which can inhibit concentration and productivity.

On top of this, restricting natural light can be linked to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression associated with the change in weather and climate, particularly common in winter.

How improving your office design and layout can help

The benefits of redesigning an office can be both quantitative and qualitative. A more motivated workforce can lead to greater productivity, and fulfilled staff are less likely to suffer from mental health issues.

Not all mental health problems are linked to a person’s place of work, but a well-designed office can create a positive environment to talk about issues with management or peers.

Absenteeism can be improved too. A report by Bupa found that an estimated 743,000 employees in the UK took long-term absence in the last 12 months, due to mental health issues.

How do we improve employee mental health?

As part of the process of office redesigns, refurbishments and fit-outs, we aim to create more open environments, giving your workers enough personal space and freedom.

Another component of our design process is workplace analysis, which accounts for the amount of light in an office as well as space, material and service optimisation.

To find out how we can help you make your workplace more employee-friendly, contact us here.