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Artist Highlight: PET Lamp

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Founded by designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón, PET Lamp is a project that mixes the reuse of PET plastic bottles with selected traditional weaving techniques from different corners of the world in order to create unique handmade lampshades. The concept was first ideated due to the growing issue surrounding plastic waste, invading every corner of the planet.


In many places there aren’t adequate resources for the collection and recycling of this waste and in tropical zones this problem is accentuated as tropical rains wash the PET plastic bottles into the rivers which in turn wash them out to the sea. PETLAMP believe in reuse as the counterpoint to recycling, asserting that the right manipulation of the bottle would allow for its transformation into a coherent, functional and desireable product for the market, lasting beyond the few short minutes of the objects usefulness.



Their mission is to make an attractive, desirable and contemporary object by taking care of a global problem. combining artisanal techniques with mass prouced objects, resulting in a serial production of unique pieces. At the same time, as part of their mission, they increase awareness of plastic waste and contribute to preserving basketry tradition, considering waste as an opportunity to design unique pieces. PETLAMP takes a global approach to a global issue but through local activity, bringing together world-wide visual identities in the form of different weaving techniques, materials, symbolism, shapes. PETLAMP demonstrate that PET bottles can have a second life, combining one of the most produced industrial objects with one of the traditional crafts most rooted to the earth.

From their base in Madrid, their challenge as industrial designers is to transform a half-finished product, the lampshade created by artisans in Colombia, into a product ready to be sold on the market: the lamp. PETLAMP currently have projects in Columbia, Chile, Ethiopia, Japan, Australia, and Thailand. For more information visit


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Chameleon Business Interiors expand overseas portfolio with leading Canadian company

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We have collaborated with perks company Perkopolis on the relocation of their head office to celebrate our joint 20-year anniversary.


The refresh, for which employee health and wellbeing was paramount, has seen Perkopolis move into an office space that was designed for the company’s needs and brand personality. With a rapidly growing workforce, it was essential to provide the team with an internal meeting space that sparked creativity when working on new projects and exciting new initiatives.


The perks company also prioritised the importance of incorporating as much natural light as possible within the office. The aim was to keep the team feeling refreshed, boost creativity and increase concentration levels, as to provide a space for staff to take a break from their desks in a café type environment that encourages socialising and conversation. This focus on health and wellbeing aligns with both Chameleon and Perkopolis’ key values – reflecting how they provide services to clients.


Morgan Marlowe, Founder & CEO of Perkopolis, said:

“Refurbishing our office has been a huge milestone, and was the perfect way to celebrate 20 years in business. It’s such an opportune time to have our brand showcased in a space that fits our personality, and we look forward to hosting our vendors, suppliers and partners, as well as business events in the future.

“The whole process with Chameleon Business Interiors was seamless. They offered us an all-inclusive solution, and it was wonderful to avoid working with multiple suppliers. It was such a relief to still be able to run my business and not worry about the small details.

“Our new space is so inviting – the best part is that when guests walk in, they all love it!”


Perkopolis is Canada’s leading provider of fully managed perk programs, currently used by over 2,000 organisations. Continuously sourcing exclusive, high value offers, rewards and benefits, all offers are exclusive and only available to members of their partner businesses.

Founded in 1998, we are specialists in office design, office refurbishments, office relocations, office redesigns and fit-outs. We provide a complete range of interior design & contracting solutions for commercial office interiors; including space planning, workplace analysis, furniture supply and installation. As well as our office in Toronto, we also have UK offices in the cities of Hull, Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle. Like Perkopolis, we are celebrating 20-years in business this year, undertaking a range of charity activities, team building experiences and celebrating our success. 

Click here to see the whole project.


5 ways office design affects productivity in the workplace

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Workplace design can often be overlooked as an ideal and not a necessity. However have you ever considered how your work environment can affect productivity? We explore 5 ways that office design affects productivity in the workplace. Enabling you to create an effective office space, and educating businesses on why office design is important.

Health & wellbeing

Most employees spend 50% of their waking hours in the workplace, so there’s no wonder why office design is important to their health and well-being. Features such as natural lighting, breakout areas, sit-stand desks, and improved air quality can help to reduce stress.

Talent recruitment

Millennials expect far more from their work environment, and a significant aspect of this is office design. YouGov found that 48% of respondent would be influenced by the room they were interviewed in, when deciding whether or not to accept a job offer. Although quirky design is appealing, it’s important to avoid gimmicky features and to ensure that the environment remains productive with a focus on health and wellbeing.


Employee retention

Recruiting talent only plays a small part in office productivity, how are you going to ensure they don’t leave? A study found that 43% of millennials intend to leave their current jobs within two years. To create a fulfilling work environment that encourages productivity, businesses must learn to leverage office design as one of the driving factors behind employee retention. Therefore office design can create a happier work environment and be a significant element in employee satisfaction.

Flexible working

When looking at office design it is worth considering the growing trend of flexible working. A study showed that 77% of employees feel that flexible working aids productivity, emphasising the importance of a work-life balance. Alternatively, businesses can ditch the traditional office space for a more versatile environment, opting for hot-desking and collaborative areas.

Breakout spaces

34% of millennials felt stress made them less productive at work but 28% believed working through stress was expected in their job. Creating breakout spaces for employees to relax is proven to dramatically improve productivity. This provides workers with a calming environment where they are able to take a break from their work. Regular breaks are necessary for promoting a positive culture, encouraging workers to prioritise their health and wellbeing.


Chameleon Business Interiors have been creating people inspired workspace since 1998. To find out more about how office design affects productivity, get in touch!


What features would make a fantastic co-working space?

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We take a look at our top 5 features that make a fantastic co-working space!

1 – Collaboration spaces

With increasing popularity, collaborative areas create a space for new ideas and communication. Therefore, creating zones which act as a creative hub are vital for a start-up or freelancer. Co-working spaces are able to provide a ‘safe-space’ to work alongside new professionals. Allowing individuals to have the flexibility to work in a collaborative environment.


2 – Quiet working areas

Collaboration areas may be all fun and games, but sometimes you just need a quiet space to be able to focus on a particular task. That’s why having a balance of quiet working areas is also required to create a calm space and increase concentration levels in an environment which promotes reflection and analysis.


3 – Breakout & relaxing facilities

It’s important to keep in mind that co-working spaces are about creating a work-life balance. Adding informal spaces into the design is vital to keeping up with modern day expectations of the workspace which is no longer confined to the 9-5 daily grind. Therefore informal breakout areas provide a great solution, reducing stress and increasing productivity.


4 – Health conscious working

You can create a flexible working environment for your clients by providing different ways of working. Therefore sit-stand desks are a great way of offering a health-conscious way of working. Equally it’s important to keeping health & well-being at the forefront of design, to work in an adjustable way to what suits their needs.


5 – Community, creativity and culture

It’s vital to instil a sense of community and culture into your co-working environment. This is a major factor in why freelancers and start-ups decide to move away from the home office. You can do this through the use of wall graphics, lighting, and other finishes to create a specific atmosphere for the environment, providing new scenery to take you away from the monotony of a regular office space.


It’s clear that co-working spaces are growing in popularity, as the effectiveness of collaborative areas are proving to be a successful way for freelancers and start-ups to thrive, acting as an incubator for new business. Co-working spaces offer the flexibility, creativity, and culture for a small business to succeed.

To find out more take a look at our case study on co-working spaces, or get in touch!

Chameleon Business Interiors reaffirm commitment to Hull to mark 20th anniversary

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We mark our 20th anniversary by renewing our 10-year lease, reaffirming our commitment to the city.

Based at Humber Quays in the city centre, we have spent 20 years completing office designs, fit-outs and refurbishment projects.  We have a wide range of high-profile clients, including IT@Spectrum, Integra and most recently Hugh Rice. The workspaces we create are focused on collaboration, agile working and team culture. We use the workplace as a powerful tool to help our clients to attract, motivate and improve the wellbeing of their employees.


As the name suggests, we have continuously adapted and evolved over our two decades in business. To further celebrate this milestone our team are inviting employees, clients, suppliers, and friends to our 20-year anniversary event. Here we will announce the company’s refreshed brand values. Additionally, we are also working alongside office equipment supplier Senator to give a ‘Tour De Yorkshire’ of commercial spaces. We will be travelling through Yorkshire, displaying the finest of our furniture offerings.


Our Chairman, Shaun Watts, says:

‘We’re extremely proud to be reaching our 20th anniversary as a business, and look forward to spending the next 20 in our hometown of Hull. We pride ourselves on creating people inspired workspaces, and we hope to be able to work with more clients to achieve our goal.’


We are pioneers of a ‘People Inspired Workspace’, with a strong focus on health and wellbeing at the forefront of our mission. Therefore, we will also be treating employees to ’20 days of fun’, celebrating their dedication and commitment to our business. Additionally this will include raising money for charity and taking part in team building days. Some members of our team will be running the Hull 10k to raise funds for HEY Children’s University.

First founded in 1998, we have expanded to five locations across the UK and Canada. You can find our offices in Hull, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, and Toronto. To find out how we can help you create a ‘People Inspired Workspace’ get in touch.



Designer of the Month: Elli Popp

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Abstract, Atmospheric, Contemporary.

Our designer of the month, Elli Popp, was founded in London in 2007 by German born independent designer Katja Behre. Influenced by nature, her work offers us nostalgic relief through elegant yet contemporary motifs within our ever-urbanising modern worlds. Additionally, Elli Popp can be used for both commercial and domestic design, and each collection is unique, creating wonderfully abstract and atmospheric scenes to transform your visual space.

Elli Popp’s designer Katja Behre has received training in colour psychology for over 4 years, exploring messages, moods and feelings associated with certain hues. The unique approach by Elli Popp creates a personal connection between the designer, the user and the environments. Therefore allowing the imaginative designs to become a leading influence in Wallpaper, mural and lifestyle design.

We understand how colour can have a profound impact on productivity by encouraging positive emotions in your employees. Natural toned colours such as green and blue hues can improve efficiency and focus. However, warm yellows can trigger optimism, creativity and fresh energy. Ellie Popp’s in-depth knowledge of colour psychology has a huge influence on her designs and their context.

At Chameleon, we have been creating people inspired workspace since 1998. We specialise in office design, office fit-out, office refurbishment, and office furniture. Our team offers you a bespoke service, therefore with the ability to create fully unique Elli Popp designs to suit your company’s brief.


Get in touch today to see how we can help transform your organisation.

Finance Packages for Office Improvements

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No requirement for capital outlay and tax efficient financing means that all businesses can benefit from an amazing workspace environment.

Founded in 1998 Chameleon Business Interiors have been upgrading and improving offices workspaces for a little over 17 years. With offices in Hull, Leeds, York and Birmingham, Chameleon have a UK wide reach. Chameleon’s measured approach to interior design and fit-out means they work with you to provide a fantastic new working environment, whilst providing a return on your investment.

Chameleon believe that good interior design provides a real return on investment, by improving team productivity, client relations and making best use of space.

Shaun Watts, Chairman of Chameleon comments: “Investing in good office space design, shows commitment to your team, it helps retain and attract the best people and the office becomes a more enjoyable place to be a part of. Clients like it too, a well-designed office is a sign of success and it instantly improves brand perception. Our clients often comment that their new office environment has helped them win more business”

Chameleon offer finance packages in order to fund relocations and office improvements. Financing offers a number of key advantages:

–          Monthly payments can be planned as part of revenue expenditure, together with rent

–          Finance payments covers all costs including furniture, fit-out and design

–          No deposit, helps manage cash flow

–          Preserves borrowing power

–          Payments are tax allowable, which means they can be offset against profits

–          Tax benefits, unlike cash finance unlocks 100% tax relief on both capital and interest

–          VAT is paid in instalments, rather than in a lump sum up front

Upgrading your office space is not something that companies do very often. Chameleon often work with clients who are managing their very first office improvement project, so Chameleon have developed a set of free office relocation and improvement guides that you can download from their website.

Air conditioning experts, Airco recently relocated their head office into more suitable premises for a growing company. The finance options offered by Chameleon provided the funding flexibility and added tax benefits required with such a big investment.

Neil Fisher, Managing Director of Airco said “Having worked with Chameleon on many joint projects we had confidence that their team could deliver the quality we required within our agreed budget, to provide a head office of which we are proud…  The finance package proposed by Chameleon meant a prompt start on site, was tax efficient and allowed for effective future finance planning.”

You can see how the new Airco building took shape over a number of weeks with their project time-lapse video.

Chameleon are offering a number of free initial consultations running up to the New Year.

“Many of our clients are starting projects in the next few weeks ready for a New Year grand opening. We are offering our consultative services now so new client’s start their office improvement programme fully prepared and with their best foot forward”. Shaun Watts.

You can learn more about office improvement services by visiting Chameleon’s Website or calling your local office.

Hull: 01482 221004

Leeds: 0113 827 2235

York: 01904 898902

Birmingham: 0121 2624078

Chameleon carries out project with Northern Power Grid

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Chameleon Birmingham office have just carried out a high profile project with Northern Powergrid in Drury Lane London for the Executive Suites of a new corporate building.

Northern Powergrid decided to re-locate a number of head office senior functions into a space acquired on the third floor of 55-Drury Lane, London. Working to a tight deadline, Chameleon Business Interiors team visited site and discussed the client’s requirements. Utilizing their many years of experience in office environments, in liaison with the client’s project manager, a furniture specification was put together for executive areas and space plans. Image Boards were provided to help the client select the furniture solution required.

Chameleon announce high profile clients in Birmingham office

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Founded in 1998, Chameleon Business Interiors are specialists in office refurbishments and fit-outs, providing a complete range of interior design & contracting solutions for commercial interiors. This includes space planning, workplace analysis, office refurbishment, furniture supply and installation.

Having established an enviable client list with 5 Royal openings to our credit, Chameleon Business Interiors has enjoyed sustained and affordable growth, reinvesting in the business and our people at every opportunity.

Chameleon’s Birmingham office are delighted to announce a number of new high profile projects and clients in the Midlands. Projects are underway with transport solution experts Rotala PLC for a new HQ office in the Birmingham area. Being one of the largest operators in the area, Rotala are looking to firmly put themselves on the map with this outstanding new office.

Chameleon also have another project underway to create a new headquarters for worldwide rail consultancy provider AM Signalling. The innovative office will be a base for their engineers and expert designers and will help them to build a better rail infrastructure in the UK.

Further new clients include an office fit out for well-known environmental service giants Veolia. As well as works for the UK’s leading regeneration specialists St. Modwen and European office experts Orega.

You can learn more about our range of services here and view completed projects here.


Hull: 01482 221004

Leeds: 0113 827 2235

York: 01904 898902

Birmingham: 0121 2624078

£15 million Investment in the Digital Sector

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Driving Business innovation.

Founded in 1998 Chameleon Business Interiors have been upgrading and improving offices workspaces for a little over 17 years. With offices in Hull, Leeds, York and Birmingham Chameleon, have a UK wide reach. However their latest successful project takes them much closer to home.

“For months now we have been able to see the latest addition to Hull take shape, helping transform the visual and digital landscape of Hull.” Shaun Watts, Chairman of Chameleon”.

The Chameleon head office occupies the top floor of 2 Humber Quays, a modern and striking office complex in the picturesque setting of Hull’s historic Marina. It just so happens that Shaun’s view from his office is the newly completed digital hub for Hull. C4DI or Centre for Digital Innovation, is helping the local economy to improve its digital offering, as according to a report by Capgemini carried out over a period of two years,  digital savvy business are 26% more profitable. C4DI is working with more traditional local business, helping them innovate and grow, through using technology effectively.

“We worked alongside the developers fitting out the office interiors based on designs and 3d visualisations which our design team created at the start of the project. It has been quite a journey and it has been amazing to literally see the day to day development of such an important local project from my own office.” Shaun Watts.

Jon Moss, Co-founder of C4DI talks about the importance of a well-designed interior. “What we offer at C4DI is the future of digital in Hull and the local economy. We required a space that suited our forward thinking brand and we needed the flexibility from a building that supports a wide range of organisations, businesses and individuals”

You can learn more about office improvement services and view the completed C4DI fit-out by reading the case study here, or calling your local office.

Hull: 01482 221004

Leeds: 0113 827 2235

York: 01904 898902

Birmingham: 0121 2624078