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Chameleon goes ‘back to school’ with latest project

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Over the last few months we have been transforming a 19th century building at Hull’s oldest independent school – Hymers College – balancing contemporary and classic design to create a fresh, welcoming new space!

The sixth form common room, headmaster’s office and reception area with accompanying offices needed a significant refresh, so Hymers enlisted us to provide full design, fit-out, refurbishment and furniture services.

Fiona Thornham, interior designer said: “The spaces just weren’t appealing, they were looking a little tired and needed a new lease of life – so that’s exactly what they’ve been given!

“We’ve worked hard to create a bright, modern feel, celebrating the heritage and character of the Grade II listed building while also bringing in comfortable, practical and aesthetically pleasing elements that ‘lift’ the spaces.

“The sixth form space has seen the biggest transformation and looks absolutely fantastic. There’s now a contemporary kitchen area with vibrant tiles and a high bench area – perfect for students to gather at lunch or break times.

“We’ve broken up space with a variety of workspaces and collaboration areas, as well as a selection of different industrial-inspired lighting designs, flooring and partitions. This has added real dimension to space and makes it feel really young and modern.

“We incorporated screening to breakdown the space but also maintain visibility. Additional power points were added to provide the extra space needed to charge students’ all-important devices – such as mobile phones, iPads and laptops”

“We started the project in July, so were careful to negotiate all that lockdown threw our way! But we always design for people first, keeping ‘proxemics’ in mind at every step of the process. So all of our decisions are made to create timeless spaces that ‘work’ whenever they’re developed – whether that’s pre, mid or post-pandemic!

“We’re incredibly pleased with the outcome. Students will be wanting to stay at school for longer!”

Justin Stanley, headmaster of Hymers said: “The students were blown away when they first saw the new common room. It’s been completely transformed and we’re delighted with the new look.”

“My new office and the revitalised reception area now feel refreshed and fit for purpose, as we reopen for a new academic year.”

You can check out more of this project here: Hymers College

Dulux Colour of the year 2021

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Last month well-known Paint brand Dulux announced their colour of the year for 2021: Brave Ground. The warm, earthy tone was reportedly chosen by their colour experts due to its bolstering nature and its ability to connect back to nature and the simple things. It creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential; providing a firm foundation for change and creativity.

Dulux decided on the shade after months of collaboration work with paint specialists, as well as trend forecasters, design specialists, editors and architects from across the globe.

After a turbulent 2020 (to say the least!) it emerged from their trend forecasts that many of us are reassessing what really matters in our lives. We’re taking stock and finding a new and positive way forward by having faith in ourselves, working together, building on the past and planning for the future. Creative director of Dulux UK Marianne Shillingford explained that “As a result of the global pandemic many people’s priorities are shifting significantly, to focus much more on their well-being,”

We spoke to our design team to hear their thoughts on Brave Ground and if they expect to see it in commercial interiors in the coming months…

Kevin, Head of Design: “If I’m being completely honest, Brave Ground was the last thing I was expecting to be as ‘colour of the year’ and not something I immediately appreciated. For me, the colour of the year to be something bold; the main event – not the supporting act! That said, recently we have been seeing a shift in commercial interiors, especially workplaces towards a more domestic feel (or ‘resi-mercial’ – a phrase I’ve wholeheartedly adopted from my time working in Canada). The focus now seems to be on wellness, agile working and biophilic design with many schemes now aiming to bring the outside in with planting, exposed natural finishes including brick, concrete and steel and muted tones. I suppose Brave Ground does fit in well with this landscape, I won’t be surprised to see this incorporated in some of our new & current projects going forward!”

Fiona, Interior Designer: “I never thought I’d be a fan of such a neutral shade, however after recently painting my bedroom in a very similar colour I’ve been converted! I just love the natural and simplistic feel it brings to a space – the perfect base to build upon to compliment many accessories.”

Photo credit – Dulux

The importance of flexible workspace

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Now more than ever it is important to have flexibility in the workspace. Whether the need for flexibility comes in the form of areas for staff to collaborative or the ability to efficiently socially distance, workspace proxemics are an important element to consider when designing an office space that can adapt to the demands of its users.

Proxemics is the study of human use of space and the effects that population density has on behaviour, communication, and social interaction. It goes without saying that a loud overcrowded office isn’t the ideal environment for communication and productivity! Since the outbreak of COVID-19 back in March many of us have seen the way we work drastically change, and with social distancing measures becoming mandatory we have all had to adjust. For many organisations, the number of employees safely allowed in their office drastically reduced overnight leading to staff working remotely from home. But global pandemic or not, the priority of a space should always remain the same, the people who work there.

At Chameleon we believe in designing for people, not a pandemic, and have been designing flexible people inspired workspaces for over 20 years. Each space we design takes proxemics into account and is tailored around our clients’ company culture and the well-being of the employees that work within it. By working to this mantra, we have created spaces that have enabled our clients to successfully adapt to the ever-changing guidelines relating to COVID-19 and allow for vital human interaction to continue safely.

Our designers Kev and Fiona have shared some top tips for designing a flexible space:

Multi-purpose Furniture

By introducing multi-purpose furniture you’re able to give a space a variety of uses, booths are a great example of this.  Booths not only provide the perfect space for a meeting or to take a break but they can also be used as an alternative working area should desk space become limited.  Booths also permit a natural, physical separation for social distancing providing the short-term solution for social distancing instead of acrylic screens. Our designers recently used the JDD Bob booth in a project we completed in Sheffield for First Group to add flexibility to their workspace, check it out…

Modern technology to provide better connectivity

Providing ample connection points throughout the space allows staff to work from a variety of locations, rather than just their nominated desk. By including sockets, USB points, server connections and additional WAP points in communal areas, staff can move freely and you can get more use out of the space. This also applies to AV hook-ups, providing these in areas other than your designated meeting areas you can create more space appropriate for presentations or larger meetings. having the right connections and technology available such as a Smart TV or Apple AirPlay for your staff enables you to transform breakout areas or communal spaces into flexible spaces perfect for collaboration and increased productivity.

Separate space with moveable dividers

Space dividers such as moveable walls and screens on wheels enable a space to be transformed. These are a particularly great addition to meeting rooms so that they can be divided into smaller areas or opened to create a large area for staff to collaborate. In July of this year, we handed over Victory Leisure’s new customer experience centre. Their team were looking for somewhere they could bring clients to impress, but also somewhere their team could collaborate and brainstorm ideas. Check out the flexible space we created for them…

Utilise all your space – even if it’s outdoors

Outdoor areas can not only be a great way to boost staff morale (especially on a sunny day when no one wants to be stuck indoors!) but also allow staff to effectively social distance due to being able to maintain closer working proximity in open-air. Whether you have land around your building or an unused roof space there are so many options for transforming it into a brilliant extension to your workspace. Check out this space we created for Hugh Rice

If you’re interested in transforming your workspace into a flexible hub for collaboration and productivity – get in touch with our team here



A call centre with a difference

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We have recently completed the design and fit-out of FirstGroup’s newly refurbished national call centre. But this is no ordinary call centre, we have redefined the traditional ‘call centre’ look and feel using contemporary features throughout, giving the new workspace a modern and minimal feel.

Kevin McIntosh, head of design said: “The refurbishment and fit-out of the new space was extensive – it started life as a completely empty shell! We worked with FirstGroup to put a fresh, creative stamp on the new area.

“Yes, a call centre needs banks of desks, but we knew that there was the potential to do more and challenge the outdated ‘call centre’ model with new concepts that would inspire and uplift staff. It’s a call centre; but not as you know it.

“The space has been rationalised, to create a free-flowing, flexible working environment for FirstGroup’s 119 staff.

“There’s a designated collaboration space in the heart of the building, which will allow First Group’s team to take a step away from the hustle and bustle of the busy call centre to recharge and refresh.

“A variety of different seating and lighting has been incorporated into the kitchen and breakout area, creating a light and interesting break out space. It’s so much more than a ‘call centre’.

“We’ve negotiated all manner of challenges relating to lockdown to get to this point. But it’s all been completely worth it. We’ve completed a number of projects for FirstGroup, and this is certainly our most exciting. The finished result is absolutely fantastic!”

Rebecca Bebbington, Director of Operations, First Customer Contact, said: “Our new call centre is not only functional and suits our team’s needs, it is dynamic and presents a refreshing new take on what a call centre ‘should’ look like. Chameleon has done a great job, presenting a creative solution which certainly fulfilled the brief we set for them.”

Check it out here: First Group Sheffield


Project Team Expansion

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The next few months are packed full of exciting projects for our team to get stuck into and so to keep up with demand we are delighted to welcome two new members of staff to Team Chameleon!

Pete North has joined us as a construction manager and is currently based at Spa Medica in Wokingham which started on site last week. Pete has over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry and is responsible for overseeing the direction of the project, ensuring our client’s specifications and requirements are met by reviewing progress and leasing with our client and delivery teams.

Carl Holiday has joined us as a site supervisor and got straight to work at our project at Hymers College which is due to complete in the coming weeks. Carl is responsible for ensuring projects complete on time, to the client’s requirements and that our sites are a safe environment for everyone who visits or works there.

Chairman, Shaun Watts said: “We are delighted to welcome both Pete and Carl to the team. They bring a lot of additional experience to the company, strengthening an already successful project team. We’ve been very fortunate to be working with a number of new clients that have had the confidence to invest in their people and their workspace. Adding Pete and Carl ensures we are adequately equipped to deal with the number of upcoming projects successfully”.

We are so excited to have these two specialists join our brilliant project team to enable us to continue delivering great workspaces for our clients. Interested in transforming your space? Get in touch here!


How to make the most of a small or awkward office space

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Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are amongst some of the business giants that started life working in a small, awkward office space (in garages, to be exact). For start-up businesses, it’s pretty rare to move straight into your dream office; or so you may think.

The term “Open Office” has been a pretty hot topic in the world of business interiors. Initially, the concept of a large, open-plan space had connotations of creativity, freedom, and cross-functional working, but the concept has come under recent scrutiny over how it can cause distraction. The truth is, a balance between a collaborative space and a quiet retreat can be established in any working environment, suiting the needs of colleagues who thrive in either.

The things that make you tick in your working environment, from creative spaces to interior décor, can be accomplished in any space. So, embrace your awkward, or should we say unique, office space. Take a step back and have a think if any of the following could help you make the most of your space.

Natural Light

It’s the cheapest form of energy out there, so how can we make it work for your office space? Psychology Today’s studies show that employees exposed to more daylight report better quality sleep, less daytime dysfunction, and a better quality of life. Draw your blinds and let the light in, it really can help open a space up.

If you find that natural light doesn’t reach all corners of your space, try a layout reshuffle, or look at more natural styles of artificial light.


If your office space is less than conventional, glass walls or doors can be used to open the space up, as well as create additional rooms. Glass will also help that natural light reach as far as the sun’s rays will carry it.


Whether you’re battling with lack of space or are unsure how to fill that crevice in the wall, clever storage solutions are a must. Not only can a funky design liven up your office, but it can be functional and space-saving, too. Storage units can be slotted neatly under windows or in corners. They can also host some office decorations such as plants and photographs.


Don’t be fixed by your desk all day. Look at optimising your office design to create both agile working spaces and breakout zones. An awkward layout may just be a blessing, as a simple re-jig could help you section off your office. A common, functional area doesn’t require a lot of space. Don’t fill it with big, clunky furniture; think light, practical, multi-functional, and spacious.

Our team have fitted out offices of all shapes and sizes. To find a solution that works for you, contact one of our team today.

Which famous face’s workspace would you work best in?

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The way your workspace looks, from the number of desks to the colour of the walls, could be having an impact on your career.

Whether your workspace hasn’t changed for years or is at the cutting edge of office trends, its style could be having an impact on your success! While a light-filled, white open plan space could be the key to one person’s creativity, another may prefer a nature-filled oasis to keep them motivated.

We’ve created this quiz for you to discover the perfect style match for your personal productivity.

We want to show you that there is not one route to success when it comes to style.

This is why businesses need to think about how their workspace fits with their company culture and how it could be updated to deliver better results.

Click below to find out which celebrity office you should be taking inspo from!


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Job Vacancy: Marketing Executive

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Location: Hull

Job type: Permanent

About the company

Chameleon Business Interiors (CBI) is a leading commercial interior design and fit-out company with an impressive client roster and ambitious growth plans. CBI has coverage across the UK as well as in Toronto, Canada. CBI has a strong, tight-knit team based at the Hull headquarters with a very positive internal culture.


About the role

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced marketing executive to manage our marketing activity. You will be responsible for delivering the marketing plan, in conjunction with our marketing agency. Your day will be varied, but essentially, you’ll need to work with our wider internal teams to help generate key commercial opportunities through our new and existing client base. You’ll need to develop and maintain relationships with clients, suppliers, third parties and prospects as well as managing the relationship with our marketing agency partner.


Working alongside our team and agency partner, your key responsibilities will be:


  • Delivering marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness and lead generation in our target markets
  • Measurement, analysis and reporting of campaign performance, providing insight and progress against commercial objectives
  • Creation and publication of all marketing collateral and assets
  • Social media – curating content with our agency partner and monitoring social engagement / interactions and taking action where necessary
  • Providing visibility online to past and current clients by engaging with their content
  • Creating and curating our email newsletters, ensuring we continue to achieve industry-beating open and read rates
  • Exploring opportunities for news and blog pieces and keeping the website up-to-date
  • Brand management – acting as brand guardian ensuring everything we produce adheres to the company brand guidelines
  • Identifying and managing PR and award opportunities
  • Organising team events, exhibitions and attendance at major events
  • Preparing monthly reports for our regular board meetings
  • Monitoring industry press for key trends
  • Monitoring and updating our CRM with new leads and liaising with internal teams for sales pipeline updates
  • Liaising with clients for marketing and PR permissions and collaborative pieces
  • Organising project round-up tasks, including photography, PR and case studies
  • Preparing our client move-in gifts for delivery


Required skills & experience:


It’s essential for you to have the following skills and experience:


  • Minimum 5 years ideally in a B2B Marketing role with some events experience
  • Creative thinking
  • Microsoft Office proficient
  • Very high level of written and spoken English
  • Confident telephone manner
  • Efficient with a good work ethic
  • Self-starter and excellent management of time
  • Ability to juggle and prioritise many important tasks on a daily basis
  • Full UK driving licence

Desired but not essential skills & experience:


  • WordPress experience
  • CRM/HubSpot experience
  • InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop experience
  • Event and trade show experience
  • Email marketing experience
  • Content marketing experience
  • PPC experience


Employment features and benefits:


  • Work within a brilliant team with a people-centric culture
  • Free city centre parking in a secure private multi-storey car park
  • 28 holiday days per year
  • Flexible hours, with work-from-home an option if productivity targets are achieved
  • Monthly team events
  • Annual team events
  • Very strong progression opportunities internally


To apply, please send your CV to Linda Adland, and let us know why you’d like to join us.